Increase Employee Comfort, Save Money on Energy Bills, and Improve Privacy and Security

Whether you're a landlord or the owner of the commercial building, installing Commercial Window Film is investing in long-term tenants or your employees. Every day stress needs management, even when you're not fighting against excessive heat and glare. New Vista Window Films helps North Phoenix and surrounding businesses with extensive commercial window tint installation. We have solutions to meet your business window tint needs.

Which Commercial Window Tint Solution Are You Interested In?

Sun Control Window Films for Arizona Businesses

Bring on that Arizona sun! Our Sun Control Window Films are designed to control heat and glare to heighten the comfort of tenants and employees, all while saving you money on your energy bills.

Decorative and Privacy Window Films

Our ASWF Design Series Window Film was created to allow minimal view while maximizing privacy in offices and other commercial spaces. Our Decorative Window Film is commonly used in conference rooms. It provides enhanced privacy within the room while diffusing light without completely blocking it out. New Vista Window Films offers a variety of patterns, shades, and textures for you space in Cave Creek & North Phoenix, AZ. All of them can easily be replaced.

Dual Reflective Films

Hanita's range of Dual Reflective films all feature a reflective outer layer for high solar energy rejection, balanced by a less reflective inner layer. The subtle reflective finish of the high performance exterior efficiently cuts heat buildup, whilst the low interior reflectance ensures a lightly tinted, natural appearance that preserves the view - and the ambiance.

Benefits Our Clients Experience:

  • High levels of heat rejection cuts energy costs by reducing consumption and peak load
  • Outstanding glare control for enhanced comfort
  • Warm neutral interior with low reflectivity preserves ambiance and views
  • 99+% UV block limits fading and damage from the sun
  • Durable and long-lasting color, the result of advanced nano-technology coatings
  • Bold appearance upgrades building exterior and maintains daytime privacy